In 2016, we set the sail and took off for the open road. With the old Chevy van dialed in, we topped off the gas, packed up our clothes, and battoned the hatches for the long haul. We believe a minimalist lifestyle; With 2 guys living in a van, it is a necessary, and gratifying feat. 

The first leg of our trip took us across the United States. From the southern most point to the western most point of the continental U.S. We visted a number of National Parks throughout our 8 month tour, hiking and camping in some of the most incredible winderness. 

In additon to exploratation and adventure, we have maintained our focus on providing the highest grade vintage wares for our Etsy shop. Traveling allows us to hunt for age old clothing anywhere and everywhere we wonder. What more could we ask for! 

Catch up with us on Instagram @twoguysgoodbuys and stay tuned for updates on the 2nd Leg of our journey!